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You can order mobile screens from us which have already been structurally prepared. Of course they can be modified to suit your particular needs. The advantage to this approach is a faster delivery time than when starting on a custom order from scratch.

LED S5 - mobile billboard

Three large-sized LED screens on a Ford Transit. The SMD screens with 8 mm resolution and a total area of 17.2m2 ensures excellent viewing. Because it has screens on the sides and back, the LED S5 is an excellent advertising vehicle for cities and social events.
Mobile billboard

Technical parameters of S5 mobile advertising truck:

Vehicle: Ford Transit
Dimensions of side screens: 3,840 mm x 1,920 mm
Dimensions of rear screen: 1,280 mm x 1,920 mm
Screen technology: SMD
Screen resolution: 8 mm
Total screen area: 17.2 m2
Category: passenger vehicle up to 3.5t
Equipment: speakers, wireless microphones, GPS locator


LED M20 - mobile LED screen

Two large-sized  screens with 10 mm spacing. The vehicle is equipped with a GPS locator and online camera to provide maximum monitoring of advertising campaigns. The high quality image will be sure to get everyone’s attention. And you can monitor the vehicle at any time using the GPS locator and online camera.


Vehicle: Ford Transit

Dimensions of side screens: 3,520 mm x 1,920 mm

Category: passenger vehicle up to 3.5t

Screen resolution: 10 mm

Viewing distance: > 9 m

Pozorovací vzdálenost: >8m

Vehicle equipment: professional speakers, wireless microphones, GPS locator, online camera



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