Lease and use of mobile advertising


You can lease the LED M20 mobile screen from us. You can choose to lease individually (the mobile screen will be only for you), or as part of group promotion (where multiple ads alternate on the screen).


For more information about the lease of mobile screens visit our website:


Distribution of mobile LED large screens – mobile billboards

You can place your order on the cars that we have recently manufactured, which would result in a faster delivery date than placing a brand new manufacturing order on a custom-made mobile screen. As a matter of course any changes are possible.


Technical parameters LED M20 mobile LED billboard:

We know that image quality is very important, which is why our vehicle is fitted with 10 mm resolution screens that guarantee outstanding viewing. Speakers on the truck ensure high-quality sound, and there are also microphones for announcers.


Truck: Ford Transit

The area of one screen: 3 520mm x 1 920mm

Category:  up to 3.5t
Screen: DIP with 10mm resolution
Viewing distance: >8m
Horizontal viewing angel: 130°
Vertical viewing angel: 130°


Uses of mobile advertising / mobile billboards

Mobile advetising truck DESO MEDIA

Mobile large-sized LED screens (billboard)

Would you like LED screens with your ad to drive around the city all day, or to park in the square for a while and then go somewhere else? Or drive around the roundabout all day?.......after all, they’re mobile.


Static large-sized screens

Want LED screens out in front of the hockey arena? Want screens with your advertising to park at crowded ski areas? Would you like to put your ads on large-sized LED screens somewhere along a road or highway? Would you like to attract attention at a trade show?.....once again, the advantages of mobile screens.


Live shows, concerts, sporting events

Our screens have professional sound systems and are equipped with microphones for announcers, so they are perfect for live shows where the images on the big screens need to have excellent sound.



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