Sale of static large-sized LED screens

We sell large-sized LED screens for outdoor and indoor use. We offer a wide range of different types of screens. We provide complete installation for all sales, including the load-bearing construction. Naturally, we also provide immediate service.


The sale of LED screens consists of several steps:

1) If you are truly interested in buying a screen, skip the stuff below and come by for a coffee!

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2) LED screen consultation

We sit down with our clients to discuss all the demands that will be placed on the LED screen, so that we can come up with the ideal design. Screen parameters that must be considered include:

• Viewing distance of the LED screen
• Screen resolution
• Placement of the large-sized screen
• Screen technology


3) Selection of suitable LED screen

After discussion LED screen demands, we then select the screen iteself. Below are the different types of screens which we offer:
• Exterior screens

• Interior screen
• Screens on rooftops
• Screens on the sides of buildings
• Screens near roads
• Screens intended for lease (quick

   and easy installation)
• Curved screens
• Advertising on columns
• Advertising stands
• LED billboards
• Mobile screens
• Mobile displays




4) Project implementation

We provide complete installation of LED screens. We produce the load-bearing construction for advertising screens. In most cases this consists of a metal load-bearing construction for building walls or roofs and a mount for screens near roads.


5) Operating screens and training

LED screens are delivered with all accessoriesneeded for full use. This includes a remote control for the LED screen, professional operation during sporting events and concerts and much more. Screens come with operating software that is able

to play a wide range of formats for video, images and documents. We know that screens must often function continually, which is why we provide non-stop service and keep an inventory of all spare parts.

DESO MEDIA curved LED screen


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