Production of mobile billboards

We manufacture a mobile screen exactly according to your conception.

If you’re really interested in buying a screen, skip the text below and stop by for a coffee!

When designing a large-sized mobile screen numerous parameters must be chosen. Below are some of the basic choices which must be made:

  • With or without its own source of electricity?

  • What dimension of LED screen? What resolution of LED screen?

  • What resolution of LED screen?

  • What kind of LED screen technology will be used?

  • Will the screen be mounted on a truck?

  • Will the system be an independently functioning detachable trailer?

  • Will the vehicle be easy to drive in cities (category up to 3.5t or over 3.5t )?

  • Do you want an LED billboard on a rotating structure?

  • Will there be a hydraulic lifting for an advertising screen?

  • Will the vehicle be easy to drive in cities (category up to 3.5t or over 3.5t )?

As you can see, there are many options for producing large-sized LED screens. It’s up to you to choose. We will be happy to discuss all of these possibilities in person. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Here are some examples of our LED advertising projects:



S Series – three large-sized LED advertising screens
Mobile LED screen

- 3 large-sized advertising screens
- two side screens 3,840 mm x 1,920 mm
- rear screen 1,920 mm x 1,280 mm
- SMD technology
- 8 mm resolution
- advertising is visible from three sides
- own power source
- three screens increases the effect of the advertisign campaign


M Series  – large-sized LED screen on the sides of a van

LED trailer

- Ford Transit equipped with advertising televisions
- own power supply
- total weight up to 3.5t
- ideal mobile advertising for cities
- excellent advertising medium to promote companies at social events


MB Series – cabinet mount billboard

Mobile billboard

- two large-sized LED screens
- mobile advertising up to 3.5t
- ideal mobile advertising for cities
- own power source inside the LED cabinet

XTC Series – giant screen on a truck trailer

- own generator (also available without)
- hydraulic folding of the screen for easy transport
- hydraulic movement of the entire screen possible
- over 3.5t
- unlimited screen size => up to the customer


MLT Series – mobile video billboard with hydraulic lifting


- own power source (also available without)
- self-propelled wheels (or without)
- hydraulic lifting of billboard
- excellent mobile advertising for sporting and social events




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